Our First Harvest of the Season

Alex and I spent several back breaking hours in the garden today harvesting delicious vegetables. There were hundreds among hundreds of things to be tended to. The weather was a real scorcher.

Ok, so maybe not. We had 1 zucchini with another one that will be ready in a couple of days or so, and a few of cucumbers just starting to grow. And the weather was actually pretty nice. I pulled weeds last night in the garden and this morning in the flower beds. It's nice to see your hard work payoff. I really enjoy having a little garden and flowers to look at and enjoy. This is the first year my garden has done so well. Usually I get too lazy and don't take care of it like I should. The strawberries are another story though. I am going to have to pull them all up this fall and plant new ones. I have been told that strawberry plants only make it about 3-4 years and these are at year 4. I have been able to make a couple batches of strawberry jelly so that makes me happy.

Now we have zucchini to enjoy and we are going to try some fried zucchini tonight.


Cassie said...

oooh...that looks so yummy. I finally ate the first tomato out of our little garden. It was SO good. I don't know how we eat the ones from the grocery store!

McMGrad89 said...

That is an amazing cucumber. I am a little jealous, not about the cucumber that you actually follow through on your gardening. Thanks for sharing about your corn festival. We have one near us too. Yours sounds better.
Annemarie(AKA Mommyvictory)