It's Official summer is o-v-e-r! :( Today was the first day of Summer School. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to get up and around to drive the bus. Alex even got in the spirit of getting up by setting his alarm for...get this...8 am. I already had all the S.S. kids picked up and dropped off at school by then. He told me tomorrow he's going to get up at 7:30 instead. I've got to say he is a great baby sitter. Except for the nasty diaper he attempted to change. Luckily for him Dad stayed home sick today so he was able to come to the rescue. However, Dad attempted to clean the spillage of poo, that got on the carpet, with ...get this again... shampoo. Regular ol' hair shampoo. ???? Men.

Me and the boys did have a wonderful weekend with my sisters, niece and my parents. We went down Friday night and stayed with Emily and Ali, swam and played around. Went out to eat at DQ and played at the park. Saturday Alex and I went to Fort Wayne to do some school shopping. Alex I got some pretty good deals [for Alex]. I'll have to have him model his favorite outfit and post it here. He's such a fashionable guy.

Saturday night we spend the night at my parents. Swam a lot. Ate some good food. Went to visit their new business. Palm Bay Tanning and Hair Salon and the old one Vision Graphics. I got to tan, for FREE!! Kinda a joke with us. My mom graciously gave me a complimentary tanning session card, but I forgot to bring it, so I was supposed to pay. Crazy folks!! My step-dad has a really awesome advertising design company. They can make some amazing things.
Well, as always here are some photos of what we did.

Simon and Grandpa Mike

Grandpa took the kids in a wagon ride. I don't know who had more fun, the kids or Grandpa

Ali, Alex and Simon
Bunch of city kids


Palm Bay Tanning & Hair

Grandpa showing off some of the equipment at Vision Graphics

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Anonymous said...

That is so gross...using shampoo!! Is he a fool or what? Not to rub it in or nothing but I don't have to go back to school until Sept 2!! LOL!!!!