Just A Day In The Life

6:00 Alarm 1st went off for me to get up, snoozed until 6:01--how daring of me.
6:24 Left with Simon to go to the sitter's...He informed me (as soon as we turned the corner and her house was in sight) "No Sheryl's!"
6:54 Leave with bus to pick up summer school kids
7:54 Dropped kids off at school, and went back home
8:45 Went back to sleep....I was sleepy
9:41 Dang school issued cell phone rang. It was my boss. She interrupted my childless morning nap. argh!
10:00 Alarm goes off to get me up from my useless nap
10:16 Finally got out of bed to do some chores around the house
10:54 Left (a little lot late) to take summer school kids home
12:00 Went back home to wast time before going to get Simon from the sitter's
12:23 Picked up Simon, went to get the girls for the night
12:45 Got the girls...Talk about what we all have been doing
1:30 Leave house for Taylor's Orthodontist appointment, Mariah goes along for walk-in visit with Taylor and @ the Chiropractor
2:00 Arrive at Orthodontist and realize that our Chiropractor doesn't work on Tuesdays, wasted trip for Mariah
2:23 Taylor attempts to contact friend who she is supposed to spend the night with, said friend is not home, doesn't know when she will be home or where she is
2:25 Unanimously decide to go to McDonald's for yummy Flurries
2:31 Enjoy Oreo Flurry....I could eat one every day....guess that's why I've not lost that much weight
2:50 Leave McDonald's as friend has not called Taylor back to say she is home
3:02 Get over half the way home and friend calls, Taylor wants to still stay at her house
3:20 Drive 15+ miles to friend's house, drop Taylor off
3:45 Get home!! Finally!!
This is where it gets blurry, I don't really remember too much
4:00 Went out to my garden and pulled some weeks and watered. Picked 2 tomatoes, 3 green peppers and a bunch of jalapeƱos...I'm going to have to get another 1/2 bushel of tomatoes from the Amish tomorrow....more salsa on the way!
4:30 Start thinking about dinner
5:14 Begin enjoying marinated pork chops, mashed potatoes, salad, cooked green beens and carrots. Laney said, "We should make this meal more often, it was really good. Thanks!" What a wonderful girl
5:32 Finish dinner, start cleaning up
6:41 Decide to make Oreo Dessert thingy....surprise, surprise more Oreos!
7:18 Decide to post this post
7:23 Hubby tried to talk to me but realized I was on my laptop, and said, "Oh, no wait, I'm sorry, don't let me bother you" {Now, mind you this is said in a very smart ass-ish way, with hands held up as to say 'Oh, no, I'm not going to bother you'}
7:25 Hubby decides to give Coopie a bath
7:30 Finish this post



Cassie said...

Gotta love being a mom!

angie said...

Now the comment option is up. Good! :)

WheresMyAngels said...

lol your husband sounds just like mine!! lol

Michelle said...

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Michelle said...
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