Happy Birthday, Alex!

Well #10 came and went without much fanfare this year. Just a little get together at our house with Alex's grandparents and cousin. He has a party planned for next weekend...bowling and a sleep over with a few friends. He's almost half way to his laptop, $$ wise, that he's been dying for.

Remember you never know when your picture might be blogged about, so always be sure to show your best side! He was making fun of how his sister we have proof that he looks just as goofy.

Of course I'm running to get the batteries when the funniest thing of the day happened. Simon just walked up to the cake and blew out the candles. This is the shot I did get, of him waiting patiently to help brother blow them out.

I'm a dork...I know...but I just thought the sprinkles looked so lovely on the cake.

This is some brotherly fun after the festivities were over. Simon was singing Spongebob Squarepants, and the Umpa song from Willy Wonka, but of course again the camera wasn't ready. Story of my life.

My middle school girls played their 1st game last night. I only have 6/7 girls depending on the night so it was a double header for us. We defeated our opponents 7th grade team in 2 games, and was beat by their 8th grade team is 2 games. Our first match against the 8th graders was was just all down hill from there. But the girls did an awesome job. Everyone said we looked really well.

The father of my least {and when I say least, I mean least. Hubby thought I might have been over exaggerating, but said I was right with her skill level...or lack there of} talented player commented to me that he was surprised that his daughter even went out for the team. And said she doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body...he's right on there. They have a son who runs cross country for our high school and he said he'll be going to those meets from now on and won't be at many volleyball games. I could truly care less where he is, but I do feel sorry for the player on my team. How can a parent choose 1 child's sport over another? The son is a very talented athlete but I can't imagine not rotating back and forth between the two or something. This kind of stinks for me because I could use this mom and dad's help at games...keeping our score book and running the score board.

I've been feeling lately like the weight of the world is on my shoulders. Literally. I've came home from my morning bus run with a headache the past 2 days now, and snuck in a nap while Simon was watching movies. Between 3 teenage-ish step-daughters, 1 son who is becoming a 5th grade snot, kids on the bus, volleyball practice and games, trying to keep up with the house during the day so hubby doesn't have to do anything at night, never having enough money, the mother-in-law....I'm overstressed! But Simon just knows how to say the sweetest things and make me feel better. We worked outside a little this morning cleaning up the dying flowers and plants from the summer {fall is definitely just around the corner}, came in a took a bath and then I fixed his requested potatoes. After he was done eating and Dora was over...without even being told he got up and put his dirty fork back in the drawer {lol} and his plate and glass {and I do mean glass glass} into the sink. I could tell by the sound it broke, but hey no biggie. I just simply said, "Uh-oh sounds like you broke it." Got up to clean it up and showed him that yep it's broke, and he said, "Sorry, Mom." With a smile on his face like, OOps guess I broke it now what? What a dear. Yesterday we were attempting to play catch with a tennis ball and baseball gloves which of course didn't work too well. But Simon kept saying, "Come on, Mom." When I wouldn't hit his glove right on so it would go in. Then he would say, "Nice try" or "Good try." He is just a ball to be at home with. With all the money problems and stresses, I'm much rather be at home with him than freaking out stuck in an office. I'm glad I'm able to stay at home and raise this one. Maybe I'm more sentimental about it because he's the last one...and just so darn cute.

I really am lucky.


latree said...

happy birthday alex!

and hey, O like the picture of the sprinkles..

Staci said...

I think Alex is so funny! Love all the photos. Glad that he's getting there on his $$ goal!! He can stalk the mail next week, his and Mariah's b-day cards will be coming their way. Love Simon!!