Elench ~ Wordful Wednesday

I just don't know what it is about this guy, but I love. him. I purchased him from his creator, SkeletalDropKick, and I just can't stop staring at him. {Click on his mamma's name and you can see her other stuff} Something about some of the stuff is just plain creepy to me but I love Elench. So much I'm just going to leave him sit on the counter. I may never use him...ah, sure I will...every morning. And I'm waiting to try my Witch's Brew, I bought at the grocery whipped up last night, because you know I have been called a 'Wicked Witch' by one of the s-daughters.


I've been busy selling signs on etsy and found this guy. There are really some cute Halloween things if you are looking for something unique. It's all homemade by little ol' ladies like me trying to make it big.

Maybe they aren't but I am. I'd love to just cut up license plates all day and nail them to wood.

So here's my Wordful Wednesday for today.

P.S. Ms. SkeletalDropKick, you can e-mail me with the information on commission for all the sales I've sent you. I know all my bloggie friends will just be buying your stuff like crazy. They're just cool like that!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

great WW photo!!

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, I will have to check that place out..

It is neat in an eerie kind of kookey way..

Tammy W said...


angie said...

Looks like Elench is super sized!