Wordful Wednesday

One of the joys of being a school bus driver is getting to see all the cute critters the kids take to school. (I'm sure bringing these bugs on the bus is against some law or rule, but come on...they're kids.)

So today, one of my favorite little guys brought a caterpillar. I love seeing caterpillars in the fall, because I use them as a guide for the upcoming winter weather. I was surprised to hear that the 3rd grader that brought this caterpillar in knew the old wives tale.

By looking at this guy (his head is the thicker black colored spot, then a large orange section, and another tiny black section at the end) we should have a cold start to winter, but then the majority of the winter should be milder, with another tiny cold spell at the end. {Check your local caterpillar} This sounds good to me.

Mark my words. My mom always counts on the caterpillar to forecast her winter, and the pillar's normally right.

"Hi, Mom!"

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Sarah Brooks said...

That is awesome. I've never heard of that! Man I hope Mr. Pillar is right. (or as my daughter calls them packy-hunky... don't ask) That sounds like a lovely winter!

Jen said...

oh I like what that catapillar is predicting for winter.

Mandy said...

That's great! And how much do I love a school bus driver? My kids wish they could ride the bus! My oldest did before we moved and LOVED it and is bummed mom has/gets to take him.

Thanks for stopping by!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hi there, I had to come by since I visited every single WW yesterday until I went to bed though. I never heard this tale before. Cute!!!

Honey Mommy said...

Love caterpillars! I saw one just like this one as I was riding my bike. I almost stopped to pick him up, but I had nowhere to put him! I would love to have shown him to my little boy. I'll have to go look for one this weekend!

imbeingheldhostage said...

That's awesome, I love it-- predicting by caterpillars is probably a lot more dependable :-)