Halloween Candy

It seems that recycling and eating healthy are all the rage now-a-days so I thought I'd work on both today.

The kids are going to HATE me!

I found this yummy recipe for Candy Bar Cookies recycling using candy bars....and let me tell you they are yumm-o! I used 7 snack size Snickers and could have put in a few more. Several cookies don't have candy bars but still are going to be yummy. They taste like peanut butter cookies.

And I'll say it must have been a man who wrote the recipe because I made a ton of cookies not just 18. Try 'em they are yummy.

I also tried freezing some candy this year. I've never done this before but have seen it suggested all over the internet. I ended up putting away 6-quart bags of candy. So now instead of a huge bowl and bucket of candy we are down to about 1/2 of the bucket. As you can see I had to move aside all the other health foods in the freezer to make room for the candy.

See healthy and recycling all in one day.

I also wanted to share some pictures of Simon. He fell asleep with the dog on the couch yesterday afternoon. I just love to look at him sleeping. He looks so peaceful and innocent. What a pumpkin head!

Enjoy your day.


Kristina P. said...

OK, I wasn't sure which blog I should comment on, but this one had yummy food, so here I am.

Thanks for your comment. Who doesn't love Dog and Beth! You have adorable children!

I'm adding you to my Reader and I will be back.

Staci said...

Simon is adorable! I like that idea of freezing the candy!! Very clever you are young Jedi!!

Love ya!

angie said...

Simon looks so peaceful. I froze a TON of candy.