Happy Birthday, Simon!

Well, it's finally here. The day my baby boy turns 3. I just can not believe it. It seems like just yesterday that he was born, and I was a grumpy mama because I was up every 3 hours all day and all night. It was terrible.

But today was not terrible.

It was great! Simon has been talking nonstop about a Batman and Joker that he wanted. He opened all the presents and came to the last 2. He started to open them and
said, "Dis iz my Batman!" (Before he saw what it was.) Well low and behold it was the Batman! He literally screamed, "AHHH, BATMAN!" when he opened it. I have no idea how he knew. The very last gift was the Joker and he called that before he got it opened too.

I had picked up 4 packets of Skittles, his candy of choice, to be gifts from the kids, and as he was opening them at the beginning of the night he kept wondering if that could be his Batman. Even though all 4 were wrapped in tissue paper and the same size he never thought that they could all be the same thing, and was just sure that one of them had to be his Batman.

He was just so fun. As we were singing Happy Birthday to him he kept looking away like Mr. Bashful that he totally is not, and smiling at us. Once we were done, dad told him to blow out the candle and he did on his first try. Dad wandered how he knew how to do that. I'm sure that was something else he's picked up from his countless hours in front of the TV.

We get to have another party on Saturday at my parents' house in Indiana, and we finally get to see Ali again. Even though it's only been a few months, it seems like forever.

Have you watched Cat in the Hat? The one with the real people. It came out a few years ago. Well do you remember in the beginning where Mr. Humberflube is introducing a new employee and the employee reaches out and shakes Mr. Humberflube's hand? And after the hand shaking Mr. H hollers, "You're FIRE--DUH!" Simon has been walking around saying that for a few days now. He's saying it now to Batman and Joker. "Your Fire Duh" and he does this cute thing with his head to emphasize the duh. Oh, how I wish he would just stay my little guy forever!


Staci said...

Happy Birthday Simon!!
I would call you but you won't talk to me on the phone!! What would you like for your birthday from Aunt Staci, Uncle Matt, Marc, and Mitch?

He got those present guessing skills from his Daddy....somehow Joey always knew what each of his presents were before he opened them!!

I wish I could've been there to see this!!

Love you all,

Brandt said...

What a cutie .. enjoy they grow up so fast.

latree said...

I can't believe I missed this, forgive me....

happy belated birthday, simon...