I'm turning into a coupon freak!

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I was just so excited. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Today is the day the new ads come out!

Joey thinks I'm such a freak. He was glad I had fun grocery shopping though. I think this can be my shopping fix. I love it. I admit I do buy things even though we don't need them, but how can you not when they are sometime almost free. Here are some of my favorite deals I got today:

CVS ~ Buy $10 of St. Ives &/or Noxzema and you get $5 ECB (Extra Cash Bucks, which is basically free money for next time). So I got a St. Ives face scrub @ $4.99, Noxzema @ $3.99, and a travel size St. Ives face scrub @ $1.49 for a total of $10.47-$1.50 in 2 coupons-$5 ECB for a grand total of $3.97! This all falls into the area of do I really need it? NO, but with 4 girls in our house I know we will sometime in the near future, plus the travel size scrub will be great for my mini-vacat.

CVS ~ Dawn dish soap is buy 2 for $2, plus I had a $.50 off coupon, making my purchase $1.50, then received $1 ECB...grand total $.50 for 2 yummy smelling Dawn dish soaps.

I could have scored better on my Easter candy I bought, but who really neads 6 bags of candy? Not I. Click here to see how.

Meijer ~ I bought a Febreeze candle @ $6.99 (kinda steap for me but hang on) and had a coupon to get a free Febreeze air freshner. Plus I had a coupon for $1 off the candle and $.50 off the air freshner which they honored, for a total of $5.49 for a purchase that could have been $9.98 if I paid full price for both.

Meijer ~ buy 2 oreos (actually it was sellect Nabisco products) get 1 gallon of milk free! Plus I got 2 boxes of Ritz crackers which gave me another gallon of free milk.

I got some great deals on frozen food items likes veggies, frozen dinners, some different Aunt Jemima frozen breakfast things. I like using coupons so that we are forced to try different things. The kids don't like that part of it so I save the 'new' meals for nights it's just Joey and I, but over all it's going pretty good.

My goal this week was to save $50 and spend $100 or less. Between Meijer and CVS I spent $161 and saved $71. [If I don't count CVS I was at $132 spent and $47 saved!] But I have enough food for almost a week and a half (my family is 7 by the way) where before coupons this amount of money would have just fed us for a week. Oh, and this amount includes dog food for one week too...can't forget the furbabies!

Plus I wanted to share that I received my Everyday Minerals FREE sample on Friday. It is wonderful. You get to choose 3 foundation colors, 1 base, and 1 extra thingy. Click here for more info on all that. But it took less than 1 week and all I paid was $3 for s&h. The products to buy are fairly inexpensive, and so far I'm pretty happy with the way it looks and feels. Check it out.


MommyAmy said...

Dang! I'm totally impressed with people like you who clip coupons... so far I haven't gotten into it... but I could seem myself going in that direction. lol

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and participating in my contest! I'm totally amazed at how many people entered! Blows my mind! I wish I could send cookies to everyone... but unfortunately shipping costs sort of put a damper on that. BUT if you stop by my blog tomorrow I'm planning to share the recipe! :)

Jenners said...

Ok. Allow me to introduce you to your separated at birth sister -- Sera at Laughing Through the Chaos. Check out these posts and tell me if I am not right!!!!!

Staci said...

Excellent job there lady!! I think it's great that you're saving so much money!! I need to get some tips from you!! CVS here I come!!

amandajean said...

what great deals you got! i'm impressed! (and now i'm also very hungry...esp. for those oreos and milk. hee hee.)