This post might send me to jail, and why my husband is a light weight

I am actually on top of things this year, and had Simon's birthday photo taken and have it back before his birthday! Yea for me. I'm sure is it illegal to post the photos here, but I am not going to claim them as my own, so it's not illegal then...right??

I usually end up being fairly happy with the pictures that the girls at Wal-Mart's photo studio take, I know how hard it is to take pictures of little kids, but this time she took 14 shots and only these 3 I felt were worth buying. I guess that's what I get for not wanting to spend a lot of money. I'm a good enough photographer I could just take them on my own, but then that never ends up happening and therefore no one in the family gets a photo. And truth be told I like having a 'professional' studio photo for the younger birthdays.

This is the 1st time I have had a picture taken with me and both the boys and I don't think either of them look like me. Alex is the closest, but I feel like I'm in a photo with 2 kids I picked up on the street. At least we all look cute. This is actually my favorite photo.

And you know if I purchase a photo shouldn't it look better in real life than when I edit it on my computer? The last one of Simon is adorable but I had to lighten it to get it to look better. What the heck, ya know. Oh, well. Enough about Picture Me Studios.

Last night was our school's athletic booster cash raffle party. You could purchase a ticket, that included a very nice meal, and then depending on the order number that you ticket is drawn you can win buku bucks ($2,500 or more depending on your luck). We didn't win crap. Joey's cousin and wife won $25. Yea for the Smith's!

Joey got totally wasted and is still in bed with a headache. He was hilarious. I thought one of the teachers at our table was going to get a face full of peanuts. She is our age and the neighbor to the above mentioned Smith's. So we run in the same circle, if we ran that is....any ways in the middle of the ticket drawing Hubs stood up and said, "You're gonna get this plate of nuts." And just stood there in a threating sort of way. I was all for him tossing his nuts but Cousin Smith was the sober one at the table and helped clicked my reasoning so I tried to get him to sit back down. All the way home we had to hear, "I was really going to through them at her."

We don't get out much at all and last night was a nice release. The winner of the grand prize was a farming family that has always been a big supporter of the athletic boosters. They just lost their dad/husband so it was very nice for someone like that from the community to win (since it couldn't be me).

Well, we finally get to slow down. Taylor has her last basketball game Monday, unless they's our distric tournament. Laney, Mariah, and Dad have their last game Tuesday. We get a break until MS track starts the end of March/first of April.

Friday we are taking Simon to a Playhouse Disney show. We I am looking at is as something fun for us to do with him for his birthday. I know he's going to have a blast. Every time I bring it up on the internet, he freaks out.

At the end of the month Alex, Mariah and I are going to see Katy Perry. The day of the concert is the start of our spring break. We are getting a room and going to go hang out before the show, party like rock stars and sleep in on the following day. I'm so glad we got our tickets last December because it's sold out!

Now if the flowers would just bloom and the sun shine every day.


Staci said...

You bought the photos so you can do whatever you want with them!! I love them, even the one with all 3 of you. You're right Alex does look the most like you but where did the other weirdo come from? Life sounds pretty busy down there...Joey got drunk? I would love to see that!!

Jenners said...

I think the photos came out great ... and I do see a resemblance! It is always hard to see it when it is you and your kids! I feel the same way about my son but people say we look so much alike.

And wow. .. you guys have a lot going on.. but it sounds like fun.

Apple said...

I can see you in both of them, a little bit more in the little one maybe. It's a great group shot!

Mama Kat said...

THat picture is adorable!! I can't believe it's the first of you with both boys. Are you talking professional?? Or first ever!?! Shame on need to get in there more. It's too cute!

latree said...

pick from street... ? hahaha
Oh I want to see their face if they heard you saying this. I hope they have enough humor sense.
my mom said something like that to my youngest brother when he was about 5 yrs old, because he didn't look like either mom or dad. and he cried...

amandajean said...

you and the photo of the two boys (that you picked up off the street, LOL!!!) is adorable!!!