What a Wonderful Weeked

This past Saturday Joey, the boys and I went to see the Michigan football team play their Spring Scrimmage in Ann Arbor. It turned out to be a great day. Simon ended up sleeping through most of the game, which was a plus for us. He saw the football field, and the players and once he had enough he was out.
I have to share a funny story. While I was posting some of these football pictures on facebook Joey came into the room and I was asking him who some of the more famous past players were that I had gotten photos of. He asked why, who are you blogging that to? And I don't know why but this had me in tears. He is always making fun of me Tweeting, and Blogging and being on Facebook. He really needs to get all the terms straight. I mean come on, I wasn't blogging it to anyone. You don't blog to someone.

He feels that we are all 'friendless' people. If we all wouldn't be on the internet so much we could have friends.

While I'm on the computer he's busy doing my chores around the house. Dishes, cleaning, putting the kids to bed.

My reply was, "I know. I've blogged about that already." Geez...just lay off, Joey!

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blog post.....this is for Aunt Staci. Simon loves his Diet Dr. Pepper. I wonder who he gets that from?
Simon, Alex, and my niece Ali with their eggs. We had wonderful weather. The kids all had fun. There was just enough to eat. It was just a great day.
The high school was supposed to have an away track meet tonight that I was going to drive the bus to, but it was canceled because of the weather. Didn't hurt my feelings too much because I didn't get the call until my sub was already at the school getting ready to take my afternoon kids home. So I was able to go to our Middle School track practice, and help the hubby.

When we got home it started to rain and I noticed the sun shinning too. The rainbow I saw out our front door was the brightest, biggest rainbow I think I've ever seen. I just wish this photo captured the beauty of it better. I just love seeing rainbows.

They really are a promise of a new day. And thank God for that. I'm ready for today to be over...after reading over my shoulder Joey is going to beat my ass tonight. So pray for me. [Just kidding, he doesn't hit me. Simon would never let him!]

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Staci said...

That was a fun post to read!! Looks like the game was fun and Simon is one cool kid!!! The weather is treating you better than us!! Love that rainbow!