Your enjoyment of something doubles if you realize how lucky you are to have it.
I don't know if it was because I read something simular to this line last night in Whitethorn Woods by Maeve Binchy, or if I am excited that we only have 1 1/2 days of school left...but tonight seemed very enjoyable.

Alex commented on how it was nice to have 'fancy' meals. Because we have more money now. Which he explained that since we use coupons we have more money and that makes it nice to have good meals. So the 'fancy' meal was none other than....

...and boy was it good. Everyone enjoyed it except Alex wasn't too fond of the rice.

At dinner we all (minus dad) sat around the table and discussed an 8th grader at our school who just got a birth control shot. Which is all fine and dandy but she was bragging about it and showing off the mark from the shot. PLUS, Friday afternoon as I drove my bus past where she was walking she did a little nasty dance towards some of the kids on the bus. Sounds like it's a good thing she got the shot. But anyway, Mariah made a comment that the shot "is only 99.9% good at preventing her getting pregnant, so she still could. She's got like .01% or something." Even though her math was off I was proud that she realized that all birth controls aren't 100%. Which opened up the flood gates for Momma to remind all the kids that the only truly safe way is to abstain. So that made me feel good, talking to the kids, expecially about something big like this.

And then I had started Alex's green quilt...finally. I was showing off the 1st completed block and Joey said, "That's going to take you forever to sew all those pieces together isn't it?" Oh, I love making something that looks difficult but is easy peasy! I told him there was a special quilters secret way to make it. I can't wait to see it done. Alex asked if I would have it ready tonight for him to sleep with. Dream on dude! Here's a peak at the 1st row.

This is a disappearing 9 patch for those of you who are not as quilt savvy as myself. My inspiration for this quilt has come from CrazyMomQuilts, who got her inspiration from someone else who made a rocking D9P that I love. You can follow all the links if you'd like. I just can't believe all the awesome quilters out there. Ihave found out that quilting is definitely not an old lady hobby anymore.

So, I feel I am extremely lucky to have the wonderful family I have. I am glad that we (I) all had a great night.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

U gotta loveeeeeeeeeeee chicken helper! :):):):):):) And glad that the ids were open to the shot info...that's good they know its not fool proof! :):):):) And the quilt is LOOKING AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):)

kisatrtle said...

I love the green of your quilt! It is going to be so pretty! I'm gonna have to try that chicken helper. Also, I'm slightly disturbed about the bragging about the shot thought, but like you said it appears to be a wise decision. Glad your kids understand that nothing is fool-proof

angie said...

My kids BEGGED me to buy Hamburger Helper once.

Then they begged me to never buy it again. he he.

An 8th grader getting the shot? Lovely. Too bad it doesn't prevent disease, too!

Latree said...

beautiful green quilt!

amandajean said...

quilting isn't an old lady hobby anymore, LOL. love that. :)