Give-A-Way Rip Offs

Everyone loves a good give-a-way. Who wouldn't? A free book. A free gift bag of bath essentials. A free t-shirt. I sign up for them all the time. I figure I have got to be a winner, winner chicken dinner one of these times. Well I have! In my history of blogging and being a compulsive give-a-way entry person I have won a total of 3 times. 2 t-shirts, and 1 book.

Unfortunately I only received one of those t-shirts and the screen printing was crooked. {As in it went across one boob and over the other} Wonder why they were giving it away. The other shirt I e-mailed the giver asking about it and she said it had completely slipped her mind and she was glad I e-mailed her. Since then I've heard nothing else and have lost her e-mail so I can't contact her again.

The book I won was through Goodreads. {And I'm sure this is no fault of theirs but solely the giver.} I sign up for tons of books through their give-a-ways. Authors and readers are always giving away new books. And I want 'em. Well a few months back I was checking the give-a-ways I had signed up for and saw I had won. I was so excited. So I e-mailed the giver and asked if she needed any of my information to send me the book. Nothing. So a few weeks back I sent another message, only to receive nothing in return.

Know I realize these are give-a-ways and I have not paid any money for the items, but I still feel let down. It's like being told the "checks in the mail" only to never get it. Or "There's gold at the end of every rainbow" only to go searching and not find that dang pot.

So please, if only for my sake, if you are going to do a give-a-way and by some freak chance I win, SEND ME MY GIFT!!

Thank you and have a nice day.



Jenners said...

That stinks!!! I don't think people should have giveaways and then not follow through! Bad bloggers!!

Wendy said...

I have had that happen once too! Bummer.

Julie said...

that sucks about gooodreads....I got my book from the publisher and read the book and it was BAD as i could see why they were giving it away..check my blog...i'm good about mailing to the winners.