Living in Bikini Bottom

SC (Simon Cooper): Mom, I want da Barnickleman car.

ME (Me, mom): Oh. Ok.

SC: Blad-biby-blallhh Mermade-man Barnickleboy car

ME: Yep

SC: *crying uncontrollably*

ME: What's the matter, bug?

SC: Patrick got da car. Simon wants Barnickleboy card

ME: *after glancing at the TV to try and figure out what the heck he's talking about* Oh, hunny. SpongeBob's a TV show. You can't really have that BarnickleBoy card. Patrick has it. It's ok.

SC: But I wann it. *more tears*

ME: *a little chuckle* Oh, buddy. We'll see.

SC: Ok, mom. Thank uuu.


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Staci said...

Marc and I both giggled and said "We love Coop!!"