Recycling Day

We did our good deed for the environment today. We went to the recycling center. I'm not a huge green freak but it really is easy to help the earth. Here's what works for us.

We are lucky enough to have a collection center not too far from our home. Our garbage men also pick up recycling once a month but there is an extra charge. Since I make a trip to town more often than 1 a month we decided to just take it ourselves.

On the back porch we have 3 cans, 1 for each type of recyclable. Cardboard, plastics, and glass and aluminum cans. Easy peasy. The kids know to just leave their recyclable items in the house and I make it part of my 'chores' each day to take care of 'em.

Our state also has a bottle deposit so we save all pop bottles and pop cans and have a separate area for those too. Taking back bottles is fun for the little guy. He loves sticking the bottles in the machines and pushing the button to get the receipt.

The best part of recycling is making it a family affair. I always make a point to make a dorky comment about saving the earth or how we just did our good deed for the day as we leave our junk behind. My mom recycled when we were little and I enjoy passing this on to my kids. My mom was actually part of today's recycling adventure. Her recycling center does not take glass items so the last time we were at her house, we came home with many, many bags of glass bottles. {Some of which were cute wine bottles that I hope to upcycle into something crafty for Christmas gifts...maybe.}

Morale of the story is, recycling is an easy way to do a little bit to help the earth. Do what you can.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

YAY for green!!! We are truly lucky....cuz we have a recycle bin (like the garbage one...) and it comes every Tuesday...thank GOODNESS for that ... cuz by EVERY SUNDAY ours is filled to the brim....but then I get guilty....WHY oh WHY do I haveeeeeeeeeeee sooooooooooo MUCH stuff bought/eaten/purchased etc. that I FILL an ENTIRE HUGE recycle BIN EVERY WEEK?!?!!? LOL :):):):):):):):):):)

Gina said...

Good on you. Nice to be teaching the kidlets too...

Staci said...

I love to recycle!!! I think it's cool that you get the kids involved in this. They're more likely to do it as adults now!! Isn't is amazing the amount of STUFF we use on a weekly basis?????

Apple said...

Most people around here have trash pickup and recyclables are picked up once a week. We save money by taking it to the dump ourselves where there is a recycling shed. It is so easy to short as you go that I don't understand why some people refuse.

I hate the pop can deposits. We could take our cans to the grocery store and feed them into the machine but I tend to put it off until I have a trunk full and then head to a redemption center.