*thump* *thump* *thump* Is this thing on?

Anybody out there? I don't even want to look back and realize when the last time I posted was. And I really don't know why. We started volleyball practice and school and my laptop decided not to work anymore, so I've been forced to steal away time on the kids' computers. But you'll hear no excuses from me. I've just not made time.

Maybe I should be gone more often though, I got 1 new follower! :)

Now that summer is over I thought I'd post my "What I did this summer" essay. Maybe it will help me remember the lazy days when I didn't have to get up at 5 a.m. and not make it back home until 7 p.m. some nights. {Again, no excuses...we just always get way too busy this time of year.}

What I did this summer
by Heather Collins
  • Slept in and stayed up late as much as possible
  • Visited the zoo several times. One time with my mom, sister and niece...that was my favorite trip.
  • Started several quilts. I'm trying to use up some of my scraps and am making a lot of progress.
  • Parted with my dear beloved camera. But I know she's in good hands with Julie. Julie has a long history with Kodak and actually wanted to take care of the ol' girl for me. I obliged knowing that Julie'd keep the dust off of her. {And I just bought a camera off of ebay, so be ready for all the pictures!}
  • Spent several wonderful days with my flowers, not so many days with my garden.
  • Read many great books.
  • Enjoyed Simon (and Alex) as much as possible.
  • Went camping only 1 time, but it was a great break.
  • Cleaned out and organized the kitchen cabinets.
  • Hit up a few garage sales and a couple of auctions.
I think those are the main highlights. The weather was great this summer. Cool and not so miserable that we didn't want to go outside and play. It was great getting to watch the boys play together and just have fun being brothers.

Nwo we are back to the grindstone. I am again driving the school bus, and coaching Middle School volleyball, but I have also taken on the task of subbing in our school's kitchen. I actually like it. I like being around the kids but am not stuck with them all day. So now I'm a yellow turd driving, food scooping, coach. What a combo!



Julie said...

sounds like a great summer.

Apple said...

Nice summer recap. I'm finding it hard to get back into the blogging habit too. This time of year is so busy both at work and at home but I don't want it to end as I'm not ready for fall!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

And I telling ya....she is home with the rest of my KODAK lovelies..... but living in Arizona where the norm is dirt dirt dirt and more dirt....I can't promise to keep the dust off 100%.....but I am doing my best!!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Edith said...

Nice recap - glad you are able to pick up more work. I've thought about doing school kitchen stuff in the past.

Jenners said...

I love your essay! Sounds like you had the type of summer you should have!!!

latree said...

sounds great, but I can see it. we want photos!!!


Staci said...

Your summer sounded pretty good!!! I like that you're now a Jack of All Trades!!!