Spring Break 2012

Just a little peak at what we've been doing here this week. My nephew and his girlfriend are staying with us until Thursday. (You'd never know she was here by the picture at the top. The boys have been playing a lot of video games!) 

The weather has been wonderful so we decided to go look for mushrooms tonight....still must be too early. Joey, Simon and I had a great time in the woods. Except for the snake we saw. Ek. Still gives me the heebie jeebies to think about it. Simon tried to tell me it was ok. It was just a "Gardner Snake" and that he was nice....but I wasn't buying it! In the woods we were in we came across an old barn that had collapsed and noticed a cool water pump. Joey (and Simon) pumped away and actually got water! Had a sip and it tasted just like well water. Even more amazing than that is that the pump came from Flint and Walling in Kendallville, last home was right down the road from that factory!

Little bit of ninja action, little bit of lego building, lots of sleeping in and just being lazy. Which if you ask me is the best way to spend Spring Break!

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