Every now and then I get in the mood to blog. It always seems to come at the end of the year. I can not believe it has been since April since I have blogged! There has been a lot that has happened, a lot of which I debate on sharing here.

I just don't know what everyone would think of my life. I only have 1 family member that truly follows me and I know she would say, "Post what you want. It's your blog." Or at least I think she would.

My life is stressful. I am really trying not to let other people effect me. I can only do so much...but sometimes just getting it out there makes you feel better. Getting a little piece of advice can make the day go better.

I have a lot of projects I'd like to share but just don't make it a priority to get them done...much less share her on my blog.

So, opinions please....How much personal information/crap do you share on your blog. Is it ok that I haven't posted in 8 months? Am I going to Blogger Hell? ;)

I hope that everyone had had a very Merry Christmas and has a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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