My first real blog!

Okay, so I have absolutely no idea how you guys do this and have such cool looking pages. I'm used to my MySpace account and feel I have mastered that. I'm sure with time I'll figure this out.

So, the plan is to keep my family and friends updated with our busy lives. Hopefully I'll be able to manage to keep this blog updated daily with fun activities we have been doing.

So today it was just me and all the kids. The girls came over last night and stayed today her at home. Alex, Mariah, Simon and I had a great time at the pool. Simon just might be swimming by the end of the summer. Our city pool has lots of fun toys that he has a blast with and today he enjoyed the noodles. He was all over the place just jumping and laughing.

Alex and Joey had baseball practice, at which Alex got beamed above the eye. Joey (coach/dad) said he wasn't really paying attention and got hit. Mariah had a softball game tonight. Here team lost 2-1, Mariah was the only one that scored a run. The pitchers were both fast and hard for either team to hit off of.

Alex and I were anxious to get home to watch 'Wipeout' and 'I Survived A Japanese Game Show'. Both are hilarious, I'm trying to watch and learn how to blog at the same time...maybe that's why I'm having a hard time figuring this out.

Well, that's all my rambling for the day. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll know better what I'm doing.

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