Fort Wayne Wizards Game

Today we went to see the Ft. Wayne Wizards play with my sisters, and parents. It was a great day, little warm though. Plus it's hard to entertain 2 2-year-olds for 9 innings. Of course I've got a few pictures to share...

This is everybody enjoying the game (I won't point out my family, because some of them are embarrassing!! LOL)

Simon Cooper
Alex and Simon running away from the cops. Really. We didn't realize there was a set time after the game to run the bases, we just thought we could at any time we wanted to. Well a sheriff hollered at them to get off the field. So they did. At least I got this cool picture!

Me and Simon with the 'dinosaur' actually it's a dragon.

Mariah getting an autograph after the gameFamily shot outside of the stadium. This was the last game the Wizards will be playing at this stadium. They are building a new one in downtown Fort Wayne.

All in all it was a great day, hot but a lot of fun. The Wizards won 2-3, and we were able to make plans to go spend some time with Ali and Emily this coming weekend and hopefully get Alex's school shopping done.

Wednesday is the finale party for the library's summer reading program. Ronald McDonald will be there to do a magic show and draw the winners for the reading program. We can't wait!! I'm sure Simon will freak over Ronald! I can't wait to see his reaction.

Have a great week everybody.


fwbaseball said...

Excellent pics. Glad you had fun at the Castle.

angie said...

I love the picture of them running off the field, too!

stacijo said...

Hate to say it but that won't be the first time your two boys are running from the cops!! Love this day!!