At the request of my favorite sister-in-law....

...I am posting about my garage sale fun today. It's Friday, and Friday is the best day to get all the goods. It was wonderful to go by myself today. Even though it's just garage saling, I had an enjoyable day.

Here's my favorite grab today...some yumm-o fabric (so be looking for more goodies at my etsy!)

I don't know if I can say this is Simon's favorite thing I grabbed for him today but he keeps asking about them

Here he is with a few other goodies

Got a few books (10 cents each) for Alex and 2 Carmen Sandiego games for his 'new' computer

I snagged a ton of t-shirts and shorts to help Simon get through the rest of the summer and this fall for 10 or 25 cents. All the t's are character shirts and he loved them and said, "Cool, Mom!" as I showed him them all. He loves his new guys, Bob the Builders, and stuffed guys. We are getting over run with his toys, but I can not help it. Today 4 stuffed animals for 75 cents, action figures and a Bob the Builder, 10 cents. The quality of the sales is starting to go down and today I ran across more that were permanent sellers all summer. There stuff just doesn't do it for me. I want family stuff, not junk!

I wish I could make a living going to garage sales and scoping out the good deals for others. Guess I could always buy stuff and then resale it on eBay....that just seems risky to me. What do you think?


stacijo said...

Simon looks scared sitting on the couch with all his friends!!! :) What fun you had and my vote would be NOT to try to resell it on Ebay. Not sure why but it is so hard to figure out what someone else will buy...know what I mean? I'm touched that I'm your favorite SIL....oh wait, I'm your only one!! YOU ARE A FREAK!!

Heather said...

I have never had any luck with eBay, but I have a friend at work (a fellow nurse) who only has to work at the hospital two days a week because she makes so much money selling stuff on eBay. She scopes out garage sales, estate sales, goodwill and thrift stores, and she has found so many treasures to resell. Takes a lot of time (she doesn't have any kids), but she loves it. Might be worth a try?

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, and for stopping by. Hope to see you again someday.

angie said...

I think it's worth a try, especially if it's lower end items. I wish I could shop for others to. I always find amazing deals on designer jeans and then I sell them on craigslist. It's what keeps me in jeans! :)

You found some amazing items!

Cassie said...

OMG...I love that fabric!! I will be stalking your etsy! I NEED it!!!