My Happy Thursday {with only 1 kid!}

Here's what Simon and I did today:

Got all jacked up on coffee together

Totally spazzed out a little bit (Check out his neck...hehehe)

Made some silly faces

More crazy will do that to you

And then off for a soak in the tub
And this was all before nap time. And he still seems wired....just a short cat nap today. Guess he'll layoff the coffee from now on.


Cassie said...

OMG...that first picture is fabulous!! I love him holding a cup of coffee...kills me! Made me laugh out loud!

angie said...

One kid hopped up on caffeine has to be like two, right? :)

Anonymous said...

You are a naughty mommy!!

I love those photos of Simon!! Too fun!!

hollystar said...

tehehe! love it!

the coffee cup i gave my son was just apple juice, but he was wired none the less. maybe they sneek in extra caffine in the lining of those diposable cups....