Oh, what a day.

Can't school start early this year? I'm not ready to get back on the bus, I'm just ready for Alex to be back in school. Does that make me a bad mom? I love my big guy to death but lately....phew-e. Thanks to my mom and step-dad he will be leaving to spend a few days with them. Wednesday we are meeting for dinner to celebrate Mike (step-dad), Laney's and my birthdays. So happy birthday to me...Alex is leaving! Yea!

Simon, bless his's what him and I just talked about.....

S: What's that Mom? (As I laugh at my computer)
M: Oh, just a funny story I'm writting.
S: Oh. Simon crawls across a chair to peak at the screen. HAHAHAHA

What a goof ball.

So, I spent time off and on today making this lovely apron...

If you click on the photo, it will take you to my etsy shop, where you can buy one. (I made 2!!) I can't wait to wear it while I make Thanksgiving dinner or while we are carving pumpkins. The fabric makes me think of fall.

I NEED A KID FREE DAY! (I can't even finish this post without Simon now wanting to look at stuff on the internet with me!!)

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PetiteCheri said...

What a pretty apron! I am off to check out your Etsy.