Another Success @ Garage Sales!

I have become totally addicted to garage sales this summer. It's a nasty habit. I drag the boys out for several hours in the heat and force them to look through other peoples' junk so that it can become our treasure! Simon (2) has caught on very fast, and gets all excited and jumps up and down when I say, "Let's go to some garage sales!" He will reply, "Yea, SALE!!" Of course he knows this means he gets to look and play with tons of toys. And boy did he cash in yesterday...

Yes, that's 5 Buzz Lightyears. All from the same house, but for a grand total of $2 how can you pass this guy up? And who cares if the dogs Sammy gets him?

Alex also faired very well yesterday. He really didn't want to go because he is getting to mature to look through others' junk. As we were driving to our lunch destination I noticed a sale I wanted to check out, so I yanked carefully did a smart maneuver with the van, and noticed what looked like a computer monitor. I was the only one who wanted to get out and look around. After talking to the owner of the awesome sale and being talked into buying the computer for $5 (it was marked $10), I came back to the van to get my cash-o-la and this conversation took place:

M: Hand me my wallet, Al.
A: Why, what did you get?
M: A computer for you.
A: {hardly able to contain himself} What? No you didn't!
M: Yep! See that orange thing up there? It's yours.
A: Oh, Mother thank you so much, you are the best Mother in the universe!
(Ok, so maybe I exaggerated that last part.)

He was ecstatic! And only $5 and it truly does work! We just need to get some games.

We are loyal Bill Gates followers, so it's been tough getting used to the Macintosh way of operating, but Alex is so excited. He has been playing 'baby games' just so he can play his computer.

I on the other hand just came home with cute stuff that I couldn't pass up like this ice bucket
and this book

which actually so far has been very helpful. I can't wait to incorporate the diet plan to my workout. I can feel the pounds and inches just melt away as I sit here and blog!! :)

I couldn't forget my favorite little girl, Ali, so I picked her up a few ton of cute things. This is just a sampling (the rest is still in the wash)

I really wish I could find a jean jacket just like this Hello Kitty one, who doesn't just love a cute Hello Kitty jean jacket. I can't wait to hear how she likes it all.

Well, that's it for today's post. Hope everyone is doing well...and hey, leave me a comment so I know you were here! :)


Anonymous said...

I went to one yesterday and scored on some scrapbooking stuff! New pens, chalks, some embellies!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You must have the magic touch!! I love all those great clothes you got for Ali. I want a Hello Kitty jacket too. I wondered where Alex got a Mac from...good buy!! Simon is too all the buzz lightyears!!!

Amy said...

That is so awesome! Looks like you hit the jack pot!

Kerith Collins said...

i love the buzzes...i could not pass up $2 either!