Our fun day with Ali!

Simon, Alex and I spent the day with my wonderful sister Emily and her beautiful daughter Ali. Here are a few of my favorite pics:

Miss Thang Ali in her cool shades
Alex playing with play dough for the 1st time w/cool toys. (Dad doesn't like play dough!!)

Simon and Ali waiting to get in the pool

Simon and Ali after swimming :)

We had a lot of fun. Just wish the pool water could have been a little warmer. The kiddos got a little chilly so we had to get out. They had a blast though.

Left their house early to get home before some nasty storms. We got about 2 minutes from home and it really let loose. Pretty scary. Our rain gauge was overflowing today. It measures up to 1.5 inches and has about .5 inch that isn't marked for measurement, so I'm assuming we got about 2 inches. WoWzErS!! :)

We are getting ready for our mini-vacation to the upper peninsula of Michigan for the holiday weekend. We have our fearless leader, so we are all ready.

(Buzz had been missing and was rediscovered under our bed. Sammy's the culprit I'm sure. No Buzz Lightyear was harmed in this incident...just a little paint chewed off his feet. I sure hope it's lead-free. Oh and BTW he came hands-free from the garage sale we got him at.)

Happy 4th of July to you all!!

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