I've got a headache because....

...I didn't have any coffee this morning!!!!!

Other than that major issue here's a couple shots of what we've been doing today.

How stinking cute is that? I bought Simon a Yogi Bear DVD since he loved the bears last weekend at Jellystone, and before I knew it him and Bella were sawing logs. I'm so thankful that Bella loves Simon so much. From the kitchen I had been hearing, "I got Bee-la's leg" or, "Fives Bee-la (as in give me a five Bella)". They are great together.

This is my 1st attempt at Mulberry Jam. In our back yard there are 2 Mulberry trees/bushes, and in one of the city's parks there is a huge tree with Mulberries the size of large grapes, so I thought I'd give this jam a try. I can't believe that the recipe calls for 7 cups of sugar...I'm sure the kids will love it! Talk about a sugar rush. I like making Strawberry Jam and am trying to stock up for the long winter ahead. So far I've got 7 or 8 jars of Strawberry and now 3 1/2 jars of the Mulberry. We'll be eating a lot of PB&J's this winter.

Well it's nap time for me. Gotta get a few zzz's before the little sweetie gets up. Have a wonderful evening.


Yellow Fence said...

Hi there! You won a prize over on our blog. Stop by and check it out.

stacijo said...

I totally adore that photo of Simon with Bella!! don't forget to make some jam for the Taylor clan!!