Check out this give-a-way

I'm all about winning freebies. Here is another one I came across today. {Click on the 'Here' and it will take you to her blog. The first thing I noticed and love about her blog is the header. I had a picture of that clown when I was little, so that right away made me feel all warm and fuzzy!!

Hey, and for posting in your blog about this give-a-way, adding a like to your sidebar, and adding her to your blog roll you get like 31 entries into her drawing.

Looks like lots of yummies, so go check out her fun blog!

{more posting about my life to come soon.....maybe.....}


Jennifer said...

Hi Heather and thank you so much for checking out my blog and entering the giveaway! I'm glad you like the clown--some people are scared of him! Your blog looks fun--going to check it out right now... Oh, and, good luck!!!

MandieGirl said...

thanks for the down low....i LOVE LUSH!!!!