Friday's Fabulous Finds

So we've got 9, 13, and 10 from left to right. Guess they all meet the age requirements. And to think I was worried that no one would use it. The younger 2 are all stoked about sleeping in it and even want Simon (2) (who I will mention this tent was bought for) to sleep with them. Crazy kids. This was my best deal of the day @ $5.

There really weren't any spectacular deals today. Got a couple of cookbooks, and a sheet to make into more aprons. I did spend about an hour talking to a retired gentleman about his antiquing history. He had a great deal of wealth to share and told me he could tell that I was interested in what he was saying.

Some of his most interesting points/stories were:

* He has over $300,000 in old baseball cards that he has bought.
* He is hoping to open a store where he can sell all his goodies from a pole barn type building and have a trailer right there that he can live in.
* He had all kinds of the old Nintendos and said those are going like crazy on ebay.
* He sold 13 Cabbage Patch Kid dolls to a lady for $20, and knew that she could get more than that for 1 of them. Sounds like she was trying to pull one over on him and act like she didn't know what a great deal that was.
* He has a Superman ring with the original Superman-George Reeves. He paid $9 for his.
* His buddy bought the tin/plate that stamped the Babe Ruth Rookie card for $.50
* And that same friend also bought the original glass negative of an early Detroit Tiger's team with Ty Cobb, also for $.50 and then had 1,000 pictures printed and numbered. Since they were printed off of the negative he was able to do this and call them originals.

The most valuable thing I learned today is that you will never know what someone might want to get rid of. He said auctions are wonderful places to get great deals. Every auctioneer wants to get rid of a box of "junk" for $1 or even 9 boxes for that matter. I've gotta get me to some auctions. He said he wished he knew at my age what he knows now because he'd have all kinds of money. I said, "I wish I had a hubs who would let me fill a garage with 'junk' that I could make a fortune off of." He obviously doesn't know the hubs because he said, "Oh, sure he will."

Oh, man I'm just all kinds of excited about next Friday's garage sales. Maybe I'll even hit an auction of 4.

Well, it's that time of day I love it makes me want to wag my tail, when it comes I want to wail....BEeeaahhhd TIME. {Sorry, too much Blue's Clues.}

Dear Mr. &/or Mrs. English Teacher,
Since I am exhausted I did not proof read this post. Please forgive me for any typos, run on sentences, or inproper word usage. :)
Thank You,


latree said...

I can not enter :(

Mrs. Victory's Class said...

Heather, maybe I am just too tired to care, but I didn't really notice any grammar errors. LOL

Great story.

Thanks for coming by my blog and sending your wishes. It means a lot to me.

Anonymous said...

That is a way cool story with the old guy!! Love it when they have something important to pass on to you and you really care!!

WheresMyAngels said...

My 4 year old would love to tear that up with her older sisters!! lol

angie said...

I absolutely love to hear about disgarded or unwanted things people find.