Dear Father Time,

Could you please move the clock back to 1988?

I would like for my family to all remain the age they are.

I would like love for my kids to see what it's like to not be able to always have a friend over to spend the night.

I would like them to know what it means to work for your grandparents and maybe get paid $1 or $2 {not $500 for doing nothing just because your cousin got a new dirt bike and they don't want you to feel left out.}

I would also like them to see what it's like to have to play outside and not sit in your room in front of your own computer that you don't have to share with anyone. Along with this I would like for my 11-year-old to remember how it felt not to have her own laptop.

I appreciate you handling this issue in a very timely manner.

Yours Truly,