Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today is my father-in-law's birthday so we treated him and grandma to dinner. Yummy pizza @ Cascarelli's {a nearby family bar}.

For his present I made him one of my awesome license plate signs. He, along with other family members...s-i-l Staci...have been dying to get their hands on one. I'm hoping to add them to my etsy store.

Tomorrow starts the US-12 garage sales. I can't wait!!! I'll be sure to post all the goodies I get, and even better, I GET TO GO BY MYSELF!

While I was working on grandpa's sign Simon helped himself to a morning can of pop and turned on the TV and was watching Sport's Center. A can of pop must have gotten left out last night and of course Simon found it first thing. What a freak!

Just captured this photo. It was raining pretty hard but yet Dad was blocking the sun from his I said, "Hey, I bet there's a rainbow!" And low and behold there were 2!

I hope everyone has a great evening!


melanie said...

love that license plate sign! keep me posted about selling them on etsy :) & have a great time shopping!

Cassie said...

First off...I love that first pic! Second...reading about that garage sale gave me goosebumps! I am thinking roadtrip...right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool plate that you made for Dad!! Simon is so funny..hope nobody leaves out any whiskey and coca-cola!!!

WheresMyAngels said...

Love that first picture you snapped. My family hates when I post those kids of pictures of them, but you gotta post them cause they are too funny to past up!

Jennifer said...

Wow--a double rainbow!! Beautiful!!