Great Morning

I love quiet, peaceful mornings. Simon woke me up with a poopy diaper that he demanded needed changed, but once that was handled we enjoyed a bowl of cereal together. Now he is playing in his room and I am enjoying a cup of coffee and my laptop. This is going to be a great day. We have nothing planned, just laying around.

Alex is in Indiana visiting his (biological paternal) grandparents. Yesterday was his 1st full day, and he called twice before noon. He goes fishing a lot with his grandfather, and loves it if he catches fish, otherwise he's board. He caught 6 so he was excited about that. The whole situation is just a crazy mess. Even though my husband has adopted Alex we all understand that Alex still needs to have a relationship with his grandparents (they were the main ones in his life instead of his father) but it keeps getting harder and harder. I think as Alex gets older he sees that they really are crazy people and would just rather be at home w/out the drama.

Wow, this post definitely took a turn for the worst, let's get back on track with our great morning. Ok, so yesterday Joey, Simon and I went to an estate auction. And boy-oh-boy did these people have a lot of antiques and 'stuff'. It was a lot of fun, and Simon was a ball. He was such a great guy. Took a nap, had a blast copying the auctioneer...."Yep" "Yep" Once the auctioneer realized what Simon was doing he asked if he was going to help him, Simon got shy and quit copying. :)

I bought some more license plates to add to my collection...which btw I sold a sign on Etsy!! Yea!! Joey was almost in huge gigantic huge really big trouble. There were 2 rings going and I was watching one to get a set of plates there I wanted and Joey was keeping an eye on the other set. I walked to my 'ring' and the plates he was watching were sold. to. someone. else! I about died, and he knew it (bless his heart!). That was the whole reason we went. He pointed out the couple who had bought the stack of 12 plates for $2 (!). I scoped them out and went up to the wife to just strike up a conversation about the 'plates', and she said there were only 2 that her husband wanted and then she would sell them to me for $2. Well, sign me up! We all came out great with that deal, plus Joey can live to see another day. Just kidding, I love my husband and would never do anything to hurt or injure him so that I could receive his life insurance money, or social security. Mainly because his ex-wife would get it for the 3 girls and I don't want to see that happen. So I'll be waiting at least until they all are 18+ to off him. Kidding again. Please don't call the CIA, or FBI or whoever it is you report these things to, I'm only kidding. Hey, go to my ebay link on the right ----> I put some of the older ones in there....if you tell others though....I'd like to get rid of them since I don't cut up old plates.

I've definitely got diarrhea of the mouth today. Since I'm a terrible speller and my spell check didn't know what I was trying to spell 'diarrhea' I typed it into google....this is what they came up with! What's up with that, dogs and puppies. What about people?

Okay, enough nonsense! Hey before I go. I won a drawing on Mommy Confessions! I'm so excited. Doesn't that header just get'cha?! Love it!



angie said...

Here's to a great day..........glad you got most of the plates after all! I can imagine that the situation with Alex and his grandparents must get harder the older he gets......good thing he has been lucky (or skillful) in fishing! :)

Staci said...

Whew, I'm glad that Joey gets to live another day!! I love the story of Simon copying the auctioneer dude!! Too funny....

Alex is such a great kid and he has a big heart. One day he won't want to go but for now he's still able to just enjoy the time with them.

I love your DA END plate!! Too stinking cute! I may have to order one that says, "Library" and put it in my office at school. Who knows maybe I could get some orders for you?