Shot Day

The girls all needed a few ton of shots to get up to snuff, as far as what the state requires, so today we made a trip to the Health Department. They were all pretty freaked out, to say the least. Taylor went 1st and got 4...she did the best and we were the most worried about her. Laney was 2nd and did okay. She got 5 and screamed, "OH, GOSH!" several times. Poor Mariah was last and only needed 3 but was a basket case after watching her sisters go. She was crying before she even sat in the chair. I seriously thought we were going to have to hold her down. She made it through alright. After we were done the lady was talking about what boosters they were going to need in a couple of months and Mariah's poor eyes got HUGE with fear. She did. not. want. another. shot! One the way home we were talking about shots and Mariah said she wanted to get the other 2 she needed. We called her bluff and all had a good time reminiscing and complaining about the pain of their shots.

I know there is a big up roar about getting too many shots at one time, but I really feel that kids need them and should get them. I myself need a couple of boosters the next time the girls go back, along with the boys who need 2 and 1 each, I'd rather take my chances with the shots than the diseases that the shots are aimed at protecting. I'm not preaching, just saying. When I type in the word 'immunizations' in Google, nothing bad comes up. Just schedules. HHmmmM

Okay, enough about that. We are starting to all geared up for school. The girls are supposed to be finishing up some shopping with their mother this weekend, and we still owe Mariah a trip to the mall, but then they should all be ready. I coach middle school volleyball and that practice starts Monday. I have my first athletic bus trip Friday. Taking the HS football team to a scrimmage...which is 2 hrs away....and the boys stink as bad going to the game as they do coming home. I'll have to make sure I've got a new tree! (You know the air freshener kind that only last a few days.)

Well, it's definitely the dog days of summer around here....

Anybody need to borrow my carpet cleaner?

It's gross I know. I'm not sure why he does it either...the floors are relatively clean around here.

Until, next time...


angie said...

I'm pro immunizations, too. Hope the school year is a good one!

Anonymous said...

Did the girls get the HPV shot? I support you too!!

Your dog is just weird unlike my dog who eats other dogs poop!!

Love the photos of the sleepyheads!!

Glad I'm not on the bus...yuck!

I'm headed out early today to go to school to catalog some new textbooks..yippee!!


Alex said...
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Amy said...

My little guy had to get 6 and I was the one trying not to freak out! I felt so bad that I let him get that behind, but he was a trooper. By the time we got to the car, he was just fine.

WheresMyAngels said...

I'm not sure I will do the HPV shot on my daughters. It is still so new and all the negative feedback about it has me worried. I hate it that my daughters (the older two)have never gotten the chicken pox shots or had chicken pox. When it came out their cardiologist didn't want them to get it because it was so new. I just wanted them to get chicken pox so we didn't have to worry about it. I did take them to get it at the health department but they refused to do them for some reason. Can't remember, but guess I need to check it again.

Love those pics of the dogs.