Happy Birthday, DAD!!

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Remember you should always try to take a good picture, because you never know when you will appear on my blog...even if you didn't sign a release so I could put your picture on the internet.

Me and a couple of the kidos enjoying Dad's special day!

So for his birthday today, I'm going garage saleing and he's going to stay home and watch some football. Isn't it great getting old!?!


Staci said...

Happy Birthday JoJo!!!

Not looking too shabby for an old man!! Enjoy the football games and hopefully Heather will make you your favorite dinner tonight!!

Love you,

Cassie said...

For your husband's birthday, I went garage saleing and now I am also watching football!!
Happy Day!!!

I hope you found some great stuff!!

angie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!