Twilight/Stephenie Meyer Fans Enter Here!

I just found this terrible story on an internet friend's blog (Snickerdoodle). Take a minute to read the post from Stephenie's blog I've got to take care of the little guy anyways. (I call her by her first name because we are close like that.)

I'm appalled. I've been living the Bella/Edward life for a good majority of the summer. Reading the saga, having dreams at night that could possible be written into a 5th book, dying for the movie and Midnight Sun. I'm over half way through Eclipse so I'm not going to read what has been posted on her site, but come could someone destroy my chance of having the Midnight Sun book.

Dear Steph,

I totally get you for not wanting to complete the book feeling cheated and stollen from like this...but please think of me...your dear friend in little ol' Litchfield, Michigan with nothing else to do but raise 5 kids, drive school bus, and coach MS volleyball...I need your Edward book. Please reconsider!

Sincerely with hugs and kisses,
(Your #1 fan)



angie said...

Isn't it appalling?

Staci said...

OMG!!! Why would someone do that to all of us and to Stephanie? That so sucks and I hope that at some point she will decide to write this story!!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

I am not overly into the Twilight series, but I feel connected to Stephenie since we share the same alma mater. I think that illegally distributing anyone's intellectual property is terrible. I can see how she would feel violated and want to put it on hold indefinitely.