We have been very busy since my last post. So instead of telling you what we've been doing, I'm going to show you with photos.

Mariah's 11th birthday was last Thursday (21st).
Her cake request was chocolate on chocolate.
It was nummy good! ~ As spoken by Simon

We got her a laptop case.
She thought it was pretty cool!

This past weekend was the Sweet Corn Days.
Mrs. Mary Swartz was the Grand Marshall.
There wasn't a more deserving person.
The theme for SCD this year was volunteerism, and Mrs. Swartz is the perfect example!

Simon enjoying the parade from behind a pole. What a doll baby!!

Joey, Alex and Mariah were a part of the Metaldyne (dad's work) float.
Dad's the hottie in the stripped shirt in front,
Alex is next to him and
Mariah is towards the right side/back in front of Mr. Boy Scout.

Alex participated in the Guitar Hero contest.
He won a trophy for most original.
Here is is versus a friend of his.
And hey, look I'm in the picture too!
(Holding the camcorder for those of you who don't know me.)

Miss Shelly (Wykes) {a librarian at the library} rockin' out during the Guitar Hero contest.
She was a lot of fun to watch!

Taylor and her friend Nick enjoying the Guitar Hero contest.

Laney helping her friend Kim at the Library's snack stand selling goodies.

And here we are today. Recouping.


WheresMyAngels said...

Lock your 11 year old up til she is 30. She is just way too pretty to let loose. Looks like she had a good birthday.

Charleen said...

you have been busy.

angie said...

I LOVE the picture of Simon behind the pole, and Mariah's computer bag is so cute.....looks like you've been SO busy!

Staci said...

Love those photos!! Wish I could see Mrs. Schwartz's face better...32 years ago she was my 2nd grade teacher!!! OH MY!!

Look at Mariah...what a doll! Love her and can't believe I forgot to send her card. Honestly I thought her b-day was after Mitch's not before!!

latree said...

happy birthday to your daughter, my birthday was a day before :)
It's cool to join a guitar hero contest. I wish I was there!

Cassie said...

Looks like a good time!!
I LOVE Guitar Hero!!!