1st Day of School

Ok, so I'm a terrible mother. I don't have any 1st day of school pictures of my kido's to share with you. Seeings how I and hubby leave at 6 am and the kids don't get up until 6:50-ish, they are on their own. {Stalkers be ware...we have attack dogs}

The kids are glad to have the 1st day under their belts. I'm glad I made it through my bus route; however, it is about 15-20 mins longer than it was last year so I leave earlier in the morning and get home to volleyball practice later. It really stinks.

Tonight we had a funeral to go to. One of Alex's good buddies' mom died suddenly over the weekend. She was only 43 and had not been sick. The only positive is that she passed in her sleep, so we feel she felt no pain. She has 2 young children, and my heart aches for them. Their mom was a SAHM and helped at the school a lot so they are used to being around her. Now every start of the school year they will be reminded of this sad day. Please keep their family in your thoughts and prayers.

Well, even though I was home all day and did get in a very short nap, I'm beat. I can't wait for Christmas break!

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latree said...

i guess i'm just as bas as you are about 1st day school :D