When did my 2 year old get so smart?

While Simon and I were doing the dishes this morning, he confiscated these 3 items shown in the photo to the left. He then preceded to tell me that he wanted coffee...His older sister always thought the white coffee mug was something for salsa. The way it is photographed, the cup is up side down. The mug was in my car the other day and older sister turned it in this up side down direction and placed it in the cup holder...of course there was still a little left over cold coffee now all over my car. :)

You will also notice the measuring cups? Simon then went on to tell me that the big one was mommy and the small one was baby. He's been playing Little People's Farm for babies on the computer and there is a game where he can match up the babies to their mommies. But he realized the difference between big/little and mom/baby.

While I was changing his diaper I started to sing Miley Cyrus' song that starts out "Sshaaa, sshaaa, sshaaa". I don't know the name of the song and didn't really know that it was a Miley Cyrus song until Simon said, "No, singing. No Cyrus." {Now mind you he also knows the difference between Miley and Hannah Montana...and will be sure to let you know who is who if you ask.}

Now. come. on.

You can be smarter than your sisters and broder...but you will not be smarter than your mom. If you should turn out to be smarter than me...just keep it to yourself. You don't need to act like such a hot shot just because you know I'm singing a Miley Cyrus song.
Love forever,
Your Mom
P.S. You're getting too smart at Dora and Diego too.
P.S.S. Quit growing so fast

Okay, now that I've got that handled. Last night we had a volleyball game. We beat the 7th grade team but lost to the 8th graders, only by 2 pts each game. Bummer. During the middle of one of the games I see this cute little guy running across the floor screaming, "Mommy, My Mommy, I wann Mommy." You know it's going to happen every now and then, but it should never happen to a Coach!

Simon was sitting by 2 boys that ride my bus and their mom. Simon told the mom, "That's my mom!" and the next thing she knew he was running to see his mom. It was pretty stinkin' cute...he is a doll. Hubby was just sitting in the bleachers watching it all happen.


WheresMyAngels said...

It just shocks me how much wee ones know. My 4 year old is always amazing me with knowing the Jonas Brothers and all these different singers.

angie said...

Kids amaze me. All. the. time! :)