Soccer, Cross Country and a Beleated Birthday Party

And that is all in one day!

Alex played against his old soccer coach for the past two years on Saturday. Alex's team the Tigers won 5-2, and he scored 3 goals! We are afraid he might be developing an asthma issue. He could hardly breath after his game yesterday and was pretty scared, as was I.

Mariah is running on the Middle School's Cross Country team, and they had a meet yesterday. Mariah placed 23rd out of about 45-50 girls. Her time was about 40 seconds slower that her meet earlier in the week, but it was a hot muggy day on Saturday and she walked more because of that. We are glad she's out there participating and excited to see how she does.

After Alex's soccer game he had a belated birthday party at the local bowling alley. 4 boys and 1 girl came. The poor girl was bored out of her gourd! All the boys were talking about was wrestling, and just being dorks, so her and I hung out. She rides my bus so I know her pretty well. She's a great girl.

We broke up into teams 3 vs 4 and I'm not sure which team did come out ahead. I know I got smoked the first game by the 2 boys on my team, but I creamed them the 2nd game!!

I used to think girls bickered about silly stuff, but these 4 boys did noting but fight over the 'rules' to pool. The argued about the rules and where the cue ball was supposed to go. Boys.

Today has just been a lazy day. No school tomorrow! Our county fair is this coming week and all the kids in the county get Monday off. I've never understood why the fair is so late, other than teachers like the excuse for a day off. I'll be driving the band to the parade so no day off for me. :(

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Hahh. yeh Brittany was bored