Top 10 Reasons I love being at home all day...

...Mama Kat's writing assignment for today asked that we choose from the following

1.) Write from the point of view of a glass at the edge of the table.
2.) Describe a typical day during your Jr. High years.
3.) Why do you write?
4.) When I'm around too much negativity I...
5.) You've been hired as a writer for "Late Show with David Letterman." Your first assignment is to come up with a witty, nonpolitical Top Ten list for him to read on air.

I chose #5. I thought I'd be able to come up with something whitty and funny but as I sit here at my computer with Simon playing in the dining room I can only think of loving happy things. So here we go.

Top 10 Reasons I Love Being At Home During The Day

#10 I don't have a boss breathing down my neck all day
#9 I get to watch Nickelodeon all day
#8 I can try out new recipes, like the one I'm going to try today for Oreo Cakesters
#7 I can take a nap if I feel like it...which I alway do feel like
#6 My hubby always usually comes home to a clean house, and he really likes that
#5 I can read all day or play around on the internet
#4 I get to pretend Buzz and Woody can really talk

#3 I, not the sitter, get to raise my son
#2 Simon is quickly becoming my best friend and I love spending time with him

And the #1 reason I love being at home all day......
Hugs and kisses without asking for them.

Like just now, Simon came up and leaned up against me and tapped me on the arm so I would snuggle with him. What a sweetie pie.

(This is what I get for interrupting him during Diego and Dora.)

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Michelle said...

Isn't being a SAHM the best? I wouldn't trade my time with my girls for anything.

Jennie said...

that is so not a happy face... I love to be able to stay at home too... my husband usually comes home to a clean house, I have been off my game lately....

Rachel said...

Awww, what a sweet post. Makes me thankful I can stay home too. Will try and remember this when I am jumping out of my skin at 5pm (two hours before daddy gets home).

Ashley said...

I usually take one of my son's naps with him. I.cannot.resist the temptation!

Momof3 said...


Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh I'm jealous. Don't get me wrong...I am home...but with the daycare it's not nearly as blissful as you describe.