Homemade Halloween

One of the things that I like most about my kids is that they don't always feel like they have to have new stuff and homemade Halloween costumes are okay. This year I made a tutu for Laney who is going to be a 'ballerina'. Not the cute, pink and frilly kind but the punk, funky kind. Her and a friend are dressing up in what they have from home and going out Friday night.

Alex and his buddy are going to be the Hardy Brothers. The wrestler guys. I know nothing about WWE but these two boys are siked about trick-or-treating. I helped them out by making a Hardy Brother necklace for the neighbor boy. They are going to another town that is a little bigger to trick-or-treat, and then going to a Halloween party there.
Can you tell which one is real and whick if the homemade one? I've got to say I think I did a pretty awesome job. Alex did buy a new Jeff Hardy t-shirt and suckered us out of a new pair of jeans...but it's all stuff he will wear again so his is pretty much homemade too.

Mariah is going as a Harajuku girl. And her costume was all purchased, which sometimes can be easier. I think this is what her costume looks like. Her friend that she's trick-or-treating with is going as the same thing but she is using things from home.

I've decided what I'm going to be, but I'm going to keep you in suspecense until Friday!


angie said...

You HAD to leave us in suspense. Great costumes and ways to make them without going all store bought!

Robin said...

Fun! Love the creativity!
Thanks so much for stopping for stopping by my blog. Please visit again soon!
:) Robin
cinnamon & honey

Michelle said...

My oldest is just now starting to want homemade costumes. I love making them, but I'm just as happy buying store bought ones too!!!