Twilight Movie Review

I do not like to go see movies that are books I have read. Period. Ok, maybe I do. I love popcorn and candy and a big Coke. I just think that movies based on books never live up to my imagination. Not being a genius on vampire life there were things that even my imagination could not grasp, like what do they look like in sunlight? and What do their eyes really look like when they are 'hungry'? The movie helped answer those questions wonderfully.

I loved the movie! I was worried at first that the characters didn't match what I thought they should look like. {Edward could have been hotter} But by the end I was totally in love with all of them. They all seemed to work perfectly together.

My 10 year-old went with me. He hasn't read the books but totally loved the movie. He wants to read the rest of the books to see what happens. I don't think he will after seeing how thick they are but he's ambitious.

The only negative thing I have to say about the movie is that it seemed to end too soon. After reading the series I really don't remember how Twilight ended. The movie seemed to just end. | Like a brick wall. The credits came up and I told Alex to wait...this isn't the end....let's make sure. I even told the theater manager, as she came into sweep that I didn't like the way it ended. I totally can not wait for the next one. Because there will be a next one! The sparkly thing was answered. The baseball game happened. James is killed. Bella tells Edward she wants to be a vampire.

I could go on and on. A girl in the theater snorted. At a part that wasn't even that funny. There were some funny parts though. Stephenie Meyer makes a camio. (I think that's what it's called...she's in the movie, but does not have any lines.) Watch for her. Alex thought that was cool, after I pointed it out to him. I found I kept telling him what was going on because I wasn't sure if he would get it since he hadn't read the books, but he just kept saying, "Mom, you're embarrasing." :( What a brat.

Ok, so go see the movie!

Ps. Dear Stephanie,
When do you plan to have New Moon in theaters? Do you need any extras? I could be a write in for a girl who trys to steal Edward from Bella. I would like to see if I can throw him against the wall with just my kiss, like Bella does.
Hugs and Kisses,


Staci said...

You are most definitely a crazed lunatic. I'm sure that you could throw Edward against the wall with just your kiss! I'm going tomorrow! Can't wait!

latree said...

that's good that you are satisfied with a film of a booked one.

there some films in Indonesia based upon novels. but, they all disappointed me

coffee said...

i don't understand what is the appeal of Robert Pattinson (Edward), his nose looks funny