Martha Stewart

If her show has not aired in your part of the world yet today, you must watch it. She proves to us all that even she makes mistakes. And not just one mind you 2! I've been searching for clips on You Tube but no one has anything posted yet. It's just nice to know that even good ol' Martha screws up her Cranberry Cosmopolitan and Sticky Buns every now and again.

So now on to something absolutely divine....Carmel Corn. I have been dying for some for several weeks now and since there was no school today Alex and I made some. I was a little irritated to find that I must have trashed my hot air popper so we had to go with microwave popcorn, which I would not suggest. Ours seems to be a little mushy still. But it is still delicioso!

{Which I must say is our new word of the week....delicioso that is. Simon was eating a graham cracker the other morning and told me that it was delicioso. And who says watching TV isn't any good for kids. We love Diego and Dora! And there is this new Chineese girl, Kyan, who is teaching us Chineese.}

So, here's the Carmel Corn, I'm sure you can Google the recipe. If you want mine my mom's I'll share.

That's a lot of Carmel Corn! (And look, it's one of those photos where it's blurry in the front and back. I can't remember what it's called but I know I've seen something about it on some piture site.)


Cassie said...

mmmmmm...carmel even looks good with the crazy blurry pics. Mine do that sometime. I am sure it is something I am doing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Yum carmel corn!

That's funny about Martha. Way before she was jailed... the hubby and I use to watch the show and note how many times she had beer on the show and drank from it. She smiled a lot more on the episodes that she did!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Martha and beer. If I recall correctly she had a guest making ribs in one episode and beef jerkey in another... it was quite awhile ago, but the hubby still thinks she was downing them in between takes!

amandajean said...

yummy!!! I was going to make caramel corn this fall, but I missed it. I guess I could make it now...if I could just find the time! my mouth is watering.

Staci said...

somewhere on a blog I saw a cool carmel corn recipe, just can't remember where right now. Lucky you guys a snow day already!!!