The holidays are finally over.

The new year has begun.

Only two more days and it's back to work.

We shared a fun day with my Mom and step-dad, Emily and Ali this past Thursday and Friday. We went to Splash Universe in Shipshewanna, IN. The kids all had a blast. We did a little browsing in the shops in town and got home last night just in time to see dad get home from work. It was nice spending time with them all doing something fun with the kids.

It will be nice getting back into the swing of things. Plus school's half over, which means summer's just around the corner...right?!

In my spare time this holiday break I have been doing more research on my family tree. Our computer that has the main copy of everything has decided to take a crap so I started over on my laptop, just for fun. I have started to find people who I hadn't discovered before. I look forward to keeping up the search.

I've also stumbled across another fun site that I like spending time at. It is Paper Back Swap dot com. You swap and share books with other members, only paying shipping to send your books to others. You can request and post paperback, hardcover and audio books. It's fun to have someone want your book, because then you get a 'point' and can request a book from someone else's library. I love it! It's been a great way to get some of my older books off the shelf.

Have a great first week of '09!


Staci said...

I've got a TON of stuff for you for the family tree. I'm going to make copies for you and send them out in the mail. sounds like you guys had a blast in Indiana!! I'm on just haven't used it yet. I love the look of your blog. I almost choose this one too!!

P.S. It is about time you updated this thing!!

latree said...

happy new year... with new energy !!!

Staci said...

I would've passed it on to you but you have to participate in meme's to get it you crazy woman!! Sign up for some and join the rest of us weirdos!! Do one and I'll pass the award to you!!! :)

amandajean said...

happy new year to you!