I used to be a swapper, now I'm a moocher

I have a link to the right for I love loved it! Once you sign up you list books that you have and would like to part with. Once another member requests that book you send it to them and then you in return request books. No charge. You just pay shipping.

Well, I recently found out about, from a friend in a group at And I've got to say I'm hooked. With Bookmooch, every book you post to give away you get 1/10th of a point. Once you get a point you can request a book. So you don't have to wait for someone to request a book to get a point.

I've been busy searching books and listing books to swap away!

Also, I love Same sinerio just DVD's. I put some of Simon's kid movies and have 2 people that want them so he will be getting 2 new movies.

I'm becoming an internet dork. With the rising costs of everything, why now help each other out and swap or in my case Mooch away!!!!

Oh, and P.S. I'm no longer an ad-free blog. MamaKat posted about signing up with AdSence/Google and is making money right and left. So if you see links click away, and I get paid!


mei said...

Just drop by from dandelion and say hi ^^

mysitesrock said...

On PBS, SwapaDVD, SwapaCD I get instant credits because I use their postage (too lazy to run to the P.O.).... FYI- you can also swap credits between their 3 sites. So in essence you can get Books for old CD's etc. Love it!

angie said...

You'll have to tell me how adsense works for you. I had it and didn't accumulate enough to make it worth it at all.

Staci said...

I didn't know there was a DVD swap..pretty cool. I've got to get my butt in gear on the bookmooch thingy!!

Check out my blog, girlie! I tagged and awarded you with something fun!!

Wifey Dessert said...

that is a great tip!! I can't wait to try it!!