Just some Randomness

I took some pictures of the wonderful snow this morning for everyone to see and I realized I have other photos that I might as well share. So here we go.

{This post is all photos. If you are not interested feel free to leave. Thank you. Have a nice day}

These are some "nummy coo-kakes" I made earlier in the week. They are made with salad dressing, and even thought the kids would never eat it on a sandwich they eat this cake right up.

I also tried something new. Cream Puffs. They look good, but they weren't that yummy. We ended up tossing most of them. The pickiest eater in our house did like them though.

I am finally starting on Taylor's quilt. I got the idea for this quilt here. I wish I would have cut my pieces a little bigger, but I'll just add spacing pieces in between each block to make it bigger. I took this picture so it would be easier to lay it all back out later. I've had bad experiences with the kids messing up my stuff...go figure.
Here's my fearless Batman, checking himself out.

Me and Batman. I love when he dresses up. The costume is actually Spiderman, but since he has the mask he always calls it his Batman costume. He's cute, what can I say.

And last but not least here's our snow. It's hard to tell from this picture but the snow is probably 8 - 10 inches high on the picnic table.
I'm The dogs are glad we kept the trampoline a little longer. They have a semi-clear place to play and poop outside. You can't see the path too well either. I shovled a path to the 'safe spot' last night around 5 pm and by the time we got up this morning it was gone. Poor babies. The snow is higher than them.

Have a great weekend.


Staci said...

I love those photos of Simon. It takes me back to the old days when Mitch and Marc did the exact same thing!! Wow, you guys got a LOT of snow!!!

latree said...

I always wanted to touch real snow....