when a silly Indonesian woman tries to write in English (a contest)

One of my bloggy friends, Latree, is holding a contest for a couple of basic/organic/original/'dadar' items. All I have to do is chose one of her blog posts and correct her English.

Sounds easy enough, I mean I've been speaking English all my life, and am always correcting my husband, but Latree. She is such a sweet woman who lives in Indonesia and speaks fairly well, and will use this as a learning tool for herself. That makes me nervous! That is why I chose this post: "I never wanted to be a Teacher". She asked that we re-write the post in English, but I am just going to edit it. {The awesome thing about her too is she also writes her post in native language. Which I had to search and found that the native language is Indonesia. I guess I've seen her post that before but always thought it was just a language difference, I always thought it should have been Indonesian-but I guess that's what she is.} [This is why I love having a bi-linguial blog friend, you get to learn all kinds of stuff.] So here goes. My corrections will be in purple

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I never wanted to be a teacher

aku ngga pernah ingin jadi guru

It is a BIG obligation. But not being a teacher, doesn't mean we can not teach any thing anything (one word not 2 words). Well, at least I taught my kids somethings (just one word, not 2) . I share with my friends how to blog, how to work with computers, and many things that we thought simple but mean something (again just one word) to some people.
itu tanggung jawab yang besar. tapi dengan tidak menjadi guru, ternyata bukan berarti kita tidak bisa mengajarkan sesuatu. paling tidak aku mengajarkan banyak hal kepada anak-anakku. dan aku berbagi ilmu dengan teman-teman yang mulai ngeblog, bagaimana bekerja dengan komputer, dan hal-hal lain yang kita kira sederhana tapi ternyata berarti buat orang lain.

Like this blog I do. All I did is writing write about things that cross my mind, telling tell about things that happen around my me in my daily life... but forgetfulone said: I learn about her country and her culture every time I read her blog. Isn't it sweet?
seperti blogku ini. aku cuma menuliskan apa yang terlintas di kepala, dan kejadian-kejadian sehari-hari di sekitarku. tapi kata forgetfulone: aku belajar tentang negaranya dan kebudayaannya setiap kali aku membaca blognya. manis sekali kan?

And I am happy that without realizing, I have done something worthy. And what havehas made me even happier, and honored, is, she awarded me this:
aku bahagia bahwa ternyata tanpa kusadari, aku berbuat sesuatu yang berharga. dan yang bikin aku lebih bahagia, sekaligus terhormat, adalah, dia memberiku ini:

So I proudly give this award to:
jadi dengan bangga aku sampaikan penghargaan ini kepada:

angie, for teaching me how to write with hart heart (mengajariku menulis dengan hati)
melissa, for teaching me how to deal with 'catastrophe' the kids make (mengajariku menghadapi 'bencana' yang ditimbulkan anak-anak) {Saying: For teaching me how to deal with the 'catastrophe' my kids make sounds better.
carrie, for teaching me how to love and tolerate each other (mengajariku untuk saling mengasihi dan bertoleransi)
mlandhing, for teaching me how to cook (mengajariku memasak)
ndorokakung, for teaching me how to write with passion (mengajariku menulis dengan hasrat)

thank you, for all the lessons you give. {Teach would be a better choice of words instead of give. You can't give a lesson, well you can but give means to physically hand someone something.}
terima kasih atas semua pelajaran yang kalian berikan.

Okay, this was harder than I thought it would be. Maybe because I know I don't want to make any mistakes, because I know Latree is going to use this as a tool to help improve her English. I started correcting capatilazation at the beginning of sentences, but in the blog world puncuation doesn't always exist. The beginning of a sentence of course should always be capatilized. :D

Latree, I hope you have fun with this. I love reading your blog. It is interesting learning about your culture and that of Indonesia. And your boys are adorable too! Have a good weekend!


Staci said...

well, I don't mean to correct you but the first somethings is actually 2 words. She's referring to some things...get it? something is singular but somethings isn't a word. O.K. I'm done!! and yes you may call me dirty words after you read my comment!! but I'll still love ya!!

latree said...

wow, thanks. don't ever feel bad for doing this.
actually I don't need that very formal English, only daily conversation for my own need. I even want to know how to speak 'slank' in English.
I myself don't use formal Indonesian in my post. 'good' Indonesian would sound stiff, and feels like reading a news paper....
thanks for doing my tag. you've just made me feel so good :)