I'm looking for coupons

Ok. I give up. I'm tired of looking on line for coupons. Every site I visit crashes when I try to print the coupons I've selected. I looked at,,, etc. and have found no real help. What ever happened to the old fashioned way of digging through the Sunday paper for the coupon circulars? Our papers don't have coupons anymore.

Is there anyone out there in bloggy land that gets a paper with coupons that would be willing to send them to me? I'm tired of clicking and searching. I've got better things to watch Desperate Housewives!

I'm serious about saving money. I saw on Good Morning America last Thursday that a counter full of name brand groceries would have cost $360 but these super moms got paid $6.20 to buy the groceries.

I want to be like that.

Anybody have any secrets too they would like to share?


The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Sorry dearest.....we still get coupons in the Sunday paper...and boy do we use them!!!!!!! i don't like the online ones either....they always link me to 4,000 other sites....UGH! :):):):)

Staci said...

I get Everyday Cheapskate emailed to me and she swears by this site and I'm going to try it out too!!

Mary Hunt is all about debt-free living and I'm sure if you check out her site that you'll trust her.

Mama Kat said...

$6.20!?! No way...I'm not buyin it. (No pun intended) That just doesn't make any cents. ;)

Carrie said...

I just started thegrocerygame. They have tips and links for coupon sites.
One issue is that it takes a few weeks to get going because you need to "stock up" on items and compile coupons. The stock piling is probably a better for a larger family, but for the two of us, it seems to me that I end up spending more right now. I am not totally sold on it yet, but it does have some good tips.
I can't beleive you don't get coupons in your newspaper! That should be illegal!
I usually use ours, but if you don't find someone to send them to you, maybe we could figure something out. I could buy an extra paper and mail you the coupons each week?

Carrie said...

btw...I am with Kat, that 6.20 things seems crazy. I do however, have times that I save quite a bit and even get stuff for free. Every little bit helps.
Also, I refuse to go to two or three different places for the deals, mainly because the grocery is at the top of the street and the other places are a bit of drive and it doesn't seem worth it

Free said...

I live in Alaska for now & I hate it that we don't get "double coupon" deals... Anyway, you might not want to give up on finding savings on the Net. Check out Deal Hack & Coupon Mountain. also has samples and trials that lots of people don't know about. I've gotten samples of things to try before I buy & there are usually coupons included with the sample. Hey - every little bit helps these days.

I have a blog of links with sections on Misc Shopping and Frugal Living that you can check in on for links to more sites.

Good luck!

Jenners said...

Hi-- Just stopping by to visit your blog after you visited mine. I actually have a link for you from a bloggy friends blog. It is about saving money at CVS -- she seriously gets like insanely good deals with this system. I have yet to put it into use but I plan to. Here is the link:

latree said...

I'm sorry I can't help, good luck tough :)

angie said...

I've heard that using like CVS points is a great way to get things for free or highly discounted. I've also done online coupons and don't have much success.

Janna Bee said...

Hey, so I tried to become your follower but blogger won't let me, It's really messed up!

Caitlin said...

I wish that I knew too. I have been having the same frustration! And when I CAN find an online coupon, it seems like most stores wont even accept them!! ARGH!
Let me know if you find the magical solution!
(I wandered over here from Jenner's.)