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I spent all afternoon yesterday working on this. Alex taught me how to use my movie maker, so I feel like I'm all cool now.

Well, while I was doing the You Tube thing, making sure it uploaded I came across this video....

My kids are geniuses. I think this could be my big break! Someone contact Mr. &/or Mrs. Wrigley and let them know how to contact me. I would love to sell them this video. I own the rights to it, since I am a legal guardian to the kids involved in the video making, so don't go stealing it and calling it your own.

And then Simon and I found this today....

....and it's our new favorite video. He is doing great with the potty training. Knock on wood. This potty thing might be easier than I thought with him.

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1 comment:

Staci said...

I'll tell you what I think...quit putting them into YouTube!! I can't download them at work!!!! Damn this dial-up internet!!!!