Do you need to come with me?

This was the question of the day today. Joey has his 1st ever cavity being filled as we speak. (I think he has 2 or 3 but still...he's 37 w/no cavities.)

He must have been a little nervous because he thought maybe the Novocaine they give you to numb you would make it so he couldn't drive. I just found this very hilarious, because he seriously thought he wouldn't be able to drive after having a cavity filled. I mean come on. I've had way to many cavities filled and just found this to be very silly.

~~~~~~~This cartoon suits him to a T. :)~~~~~~~~~

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Staci said...

Yep, that comic is perfect!! I don't know how he ever got that lucky with not having any cavities!! Especially with all of that Mountain Dew he drinks!! What a goofy guy...can't drive after getting a cavity filled!!