Shelter Me by Juliette Fay

Shelter Me Shelter Me by Juliette Fay

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I normally wouldn't share a book review here, but I truly enjoyed this book. Here is the review I wrote on Now my dilemma is what to read next.

I have seen another review that starts of with this comment, so I will as well, just to get my feelings out there. I love the cover of this book. I loved it a ton until I read the book. I don't feel the image is accurate to the setting of the book, and what the porch looks like when completed, and what Janie and Dylan are portrayed to look like.

With that out of the way, I absolutely loved the book! It is a touching story of a young mother, Janie, with 2 young children who looses her husband in a bicycling accident. Janie is followed through her 1st year without her husband and the heart wrenching feelings and emotions she feels.

I enjoyed the author 'insights, extras & more' at the end almost as much as the book its self. The stories that Juliette Fay choses to share regarding this story are great.

My favorite line of the book, is the last:

We're all on loan. The only thing that makes sense is to be together.

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Staci said...

Loved your review!! This book is sitting in my pile that I picked up from the library and now you're making me want to move it to the top!! What to read next? Still must read this!!

angie said...

I need to put this on hold now. Thanks for the review!